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Lunch with a Leader

General Information

Lunch with a Leader is a monthly program featuring Los Alamos County leaders. The programs are normally scheduled at 11:40 a.m. on the third Tuesday of the month, on the top floor of Mesa Public Library, with catered lunch. The public is cordially invited to attend. It is not necessary to order lunch. (Note that the December 2017 Lunch with a Leader will be held a week earlier - on December 12th. But sure to put your lunch order in by December 9th)

The catered lunch must be pre-ordered. The total cost is $10, including tax and gratuity. Download the menu and send your order to Karyl Ann Armbruster or call her at 661-6605 by the Sunday evening preceding the lunch date. You can just write out what you want to order rather than trying to fill out the form. (EXAMPLE: salad, 1/2 turkey with cheddar on sourdough with avocado.) If you do not hear back from Karyl Ann that she got your order, please send it again or call.

July 17th Lunch with a Leader

Jorge Rodriguez, a Field Organizer with the Las Cruces American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), will be this month's speaker for Lunch with a Leader. He will discuss his experiences, his work, and the growing concern of border militarization and enforcement within the interior of the U.S. in his talk, "Living as Second Class Citizens."

Jorge is originally from Salem, New Mexico, and has an undergraduate and master's degree from New Mexico State University. He wrote his thesis on "Interior Border Crossing Experiences of Young Mexican-Americans in the Southwest Border Region and the Influence on Border Identity."

After completing graduate school, Jorge visited Palestine-Israel, as a delegate participant with Interfaith Peace-Builders. The privileged experience expanded his knowledge on the transnational intersections and comparisons + politically, militarily and economically between the U.S. and Palestine-Israel.

His passion for border and immigrant justice stems from his background and lived experiences as an agricultural laborer. He is particularly interested in liberating marginalized populations through community empowerment and grassroots organizing. In his spare time, Jorge enjoys family time, boxing, and exercising.

More information -

May 3, 2018 The Guardian article: We live as second class citizens: What it's like to face border agents every day.

March 26, 2018 ACLU of Southern California article, Greyhound has a choice on warrantless searches.

May 21, 2018 Vox article: Stopping Americans for speaking Spanish: the latest evidence that Border Patrol agents have too much power